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Seriously? 11 Inches Isn't Enough?

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You knew this was going to happen.

Subway Sandwich customers are suing the company because not all subway subs are measuring the full 12 inches that Subway advertises.

A lawyer for one of the men claims he collected subs from 17 different shops and almost every one of them came up short of 12 inches.

The man behind the suit claims he visited a Subway near his Chicago home on Sunday and got a foot long sandwich that was 11 inches long.  He is seeking damages of more than $5 million. $5 million!  He claims that Subway is displaying "a pattern of fraudulent, deceptive, and otherwise improper advertising, sales and marketing practices."

I agree that if Subway advertises that their sandwiches are 12 inches, they should be 12 inches.  But suing for $5 million?  That is ridiculous.  Absolutely ridiculous. Who was damaged by getting a sub that is 11 inches instead of 12?!  Seriously?  11 inches isn't enough?

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