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UW Students Seeking Sugar Daddies

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   I was disappointed to read that female students at two University of Wisconsin campuses are exploring the "Sugar Daddy" lifestyle in record numbers.  Sugar daddies are older men that "Take care" of younger women financially in exchange for sex or companionship. The co-eds then use the cash to pay for tuition or college expenses.

   The website,, claims to be the most prominent Sugar Daddy website. They released their annual list of the "Fastest Growing Sugar Baby Schools" today.

   The site claims that at least 48 young ladies from UW-Madison and 55 from UW-Milwaukee signed up on the website using their university email addresses.

   Georgia State University is the fastest growing Sugar Baby school. They had at least 292 college sign ups last year.

   All I can say is "Ughhhh and Ickkkkk"

   I have two daughters away at college and I can think of few things that would break my heart as much as having them hooking up with old men for cash. It's sad. It's pathetic. It's disgusting. And in many of these instances it may also be illegal.

   We have many things to be proud of at our Wisconsin universities. This is not one of them.



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