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Packers: The Countdown Is On

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I'm psyched.  I'm ready to roll. Let's get this game on.

A few days ago I was doing the show here in the studio when I looked over at one of the TV monitors we have and I saw a countdown clock in the corner of the Todays TMJ4 newcast.  It was counting down to the second until Saturday's Packers-Niners kickoff.  Initially I thought, "Come on. Seriously?"  I think the backward counting clock read something like 5:22:31:40.  I thought it was hilarious and a bit ridiculous.

Now I have to admit that I can't stop looking at that clock. And it is not marching fast enough.

Now that I've accepted the clock, on to another of my dilemmas.

We have plans on Saturday night. We have RSVP'ed to a college graduation party for someone that we are very close to.  I don't have the courage to ask if there will be TVs set up.  It IS Wisconsin.  Wouldn't you assume that they'll have the TVs fired up? They have to.. right?

As I sit here the clock reads 3:02:28:14.  Let's go.

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