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What Happens in Vegas, Doesn't Always Stay in Vegas

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This is Jeremiah Burdick.  He is a town of Delavan police officer.

He appears to be in deep trouble.  It appears that what Burdick did at the Vegas Gentleman's Club is not staying at the club.  And if the allegations are true, what he did shouldn't stay cloaked in secrecy..

Burdick is accused of violating 13 department policies at the Vegas Gentleman's Club, in Darien. 

According to the charging document Burdick admitted he was "over the limit" when he drove to the club. He showed his police identification card to door staff. He asked for and received free admission.

The report says once inside the club Burdick was "loud and obnoxious". He allegedly shouted obscenities at dancers, touched the face of a female patron and used the N-word.

There are allegations that when a patron left his seat, Burdick drank out of the man's glass. When the man returned Burdick leaned into him until their shoulders touched. When the patron asked Burdick to stop, Burdick apparently swore at him. 

The man called police and Burdick left. The charging document says that Burdick left with an open beer.  A bouncer told him to leave the beer inside to which Burdick allegedly said, "It's ok. I'm a cop."

Deputies arrived just as Burdick was urinating in the parking lot. Officers say he got aggressive with them and was so drunk that he couldn't even use his cell phone to call for a ride home.

If you act like an idiot, what happens at the Vegas Gentleman's Club is not likely to stay at the club.

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