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What We Learned on Election Day

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There is a lot of discussion today about who the big winners and losers were in yesterday's election.  There is also considerable discussion about what we can learn from yesterday's results.

I think one thing is pretty clear.  Most voters aren't ready for and don't want a completely blue or red society. 

Look, conservative Governor Scott Walker was elected and then convincingly won a bitter recall election. U.S Senator Ron Johnson was elected as one of the most conservative members of congress.  The same electorate then helped re-elect President Barack Obama and sent Liberal Tammy Baldwin to the U.S. Senate.

It seems pretty clear to me that voters are sending the message that they want both sides to co-exist. They expect both sides to work together to get things done. All this egotistical obstructionism is unacceptable.

Part of the blame lies with us, the voters.  It's time for a hard look in the mirror.  Our leaders feel they are penalized if they reach across the aisle. Tea partiers get angry if a Republican appears 'soft' by working with Dems.  MSNBCers get upset if one of their tribe dares to work with Repubs.  Why are politicians so polarizing and so unwilling to compromise? Because we have sent the message we will kick them out of they don't march to the line we have drawn in the sand.  It has to stop.

We are asking more from them. We need to ask more from ourselves.




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