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Hailey Roser Is My Hero

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This is five year old Hailey Roser.  She is my hero.

Just a few weeks ago, Hailey was her typical, jovial, happy self. So when she began sleeping more than usual, Hailey’s Mom Sabrina didn’t think too much of it.   A couple of days later Hailey’s symptoms progressed to vomiting and headaches. Sabrina’s first thought was that it must be the flu and took Hailey to Urgent Care where they were sent home. Twice.

On August 25th, after the second visit to Urgent Care, Sabrina decided to take Hailey to the Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin. Her gut told her it was something a little more than the flu. At Children's an MRI was performed and the following day the Roser family received news that would change their lives forever. The MRI showed a large tumor on the right side of Hailey's brain which was causing the pressure and headaches.

The next day Hailey underwent her first major brain surgery to release fluids to alleviate dangerous pressure that was building in Hailey's brain.

On August 27th, Hailey underwent yet another major brain surgery where the doctor’s removed as much of the tumor as possible. Because of the placement of the tumor, they were not able to remove it all. It was too risky. At this time the doctors took a piece of the tumor for a biopsy. Everybody was hoping for the best... that the tumor would miraculously be benign….

On August 30th the results were in. Hailey and her family were struck with the one word NOBODY wants to hear. Cancer.

“Hailey has a Grade 4, rare and aggressive brain cancer; AT/RT (Atypical teratoid rhaboid tumor). This cancer is usually diagnosed in children with no known cause." the doctor said.  Hailey's family was devastated.

But there is no time or room for self pity.  The family has set up a Facebook Page and a Twitter account.

Here is the Facebook Page.  There are video and lots of cool things you can check out.

Here is the the Twitter account.

And there is a way you can make a difference.  Little Hailey loves Justin Bieber.  Bieber performs in Milwaukee this Sunday.  Hailey's family is hoping he will come visit her at Children's Hospital.  Hop on twitter and use one of these hashtags... #justinvisithailey #biebsmeethailey

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