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Baby Jessica- 25 Years Later

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Remember this?

It was 25 years ago that Baby Jessica fell into an abandoned well in Texas.  Americans were glued to their TV sets for the 58 hours it took to rescue the little baby. I remember watching it on CNN.  It was tense.  No one really knew how things would turn out.

Well, they turned out pretty well. Baby Jessica McClure is now Jessica Morales. Morales is a 26 year old stay at home with two children of her own.  She still lives near the well that made her famous.

Morales says she doesn't remember her time trapped in the well or the 15 surgeries she underwent.  She does have a scar that runs from her hairline to the bridge of her nose. "I'm proud of the scars," she told an interviewer. "I have them because I survived."

Kind hearted viewers even donated money to help baby Jessica recover. It totaled $800,000. Jessica says she has used the money to start a fund for her own children to attend college.

I just can't believe it's been 25 years!


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