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Is Madison Safe?

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The Montee ball beating in Madison has me doing a lot of thinking.

Ball suffered a concussion and facial injuries after five men jumped him early Wednesday in an area near campus. Police continue to investigate.  A member of the Madison Police Department told me cops do not believe the attack was provoked by Ball. They are unsure if the beating was pre-meditated or if Ball was targeted.

The good news is that Heisman Trophy hopeful is expected to be ok.  I'm not so sure the same can be said for the city of Madison.

This is not an isolated incident. There have been a series of apparently random beatings and incidents in Madison. Many of them are taking place near campus.

Madison Mayor Paul Soglin told me, "We are concerned and we are trying to make sure everyone stays safe." Soglin went on to tell me that they are considering lots of options including additional police officers or redeployment of existing officers.

Let's hope they figure this out soon.  I can think of 40,000 reasons to do it now.   In the next couple of weeks more than 40,000 students will show up at UW Madison. They will be walking on the same streets and hanging out in the same places where these beatings have been taking place.

Mayor Soglin is busy trying to reassure parents that the city and the campus are safe. The only way parents will truly feel better is if the crime stops.


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