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Scary Moment

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A scary moment in our home last night.

Our daughter Aimee was diagnosed with asthma when she was a very little girl. She had an inhaler that she occasionally used. She was on daily preventive medicine. It never seriously impacted her life. She played competitive soccer. She was the Captain of her High School dance team.  She never had a serious asthma attack, but it was always in the back of my mind. Sometimes I found myself going over what I would need to do if she had an attack. I went over it in my mind. And at night, I literally thanked God that she was healthy and her asthma was uneventful.

As Aimee neared the end of high school a regular appointment with her allergist gave us some exciting news. We were told that she had outgrown her asthma. She was taken off her medication and told that she wouldn't need her prescription inhaler anymore.  She had no symptoms and everything was good. 

Fast forward to last night.  Michelle and I were in bed reading, just getting ready to fall asleep when Aimee came into our room. "Mom, dad, I'm having trouble breathing," she told us as she approached the foot of our bed.  She was wheezing and looked uncomfortable.  We sat her down, relaxed her, and prepared to call 911 or drive her to the hospital.  Then we remembered that we had kept one of her old inhalers around the house, 'just in case'. (We also sent one with her to Syracuse last Fall)

Aimee retrieved the inhaler and used it.  As she laid down in our bed, like when she was a little girl, the medicated inhaler began to work.  Her breathing eased and she began to relax.  We all sat up talking and making sure that she was ok.  Her breathing recovered and she went to bed.

This morning Aimee went to the doctor who told her that it wasn't so much asthma, as it was an allergic reaction to mold in the air. There are record amounts of mold in the air. Allergist Dr Gary Steven tells me, ‘I have never measured the levels that we are seeing this summer.” He said ‘never’.  Steven claims that the drought like conditions and sudden bursts of rain recently are allowing mold to thrive.

Aimee was given a prescription for a new inhaler.  She was in distress because of the mold and other allergens. She was scared and we were scared.  She’ll be fine.

If you have or had asthma or if you are pre-disposed to allergies, be aware and be careful.

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