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Ten Year Olds on a Diet

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OK.  This is ridiculous.  Absolutely ridiculous.  

A new study shows that 80% of all ten year old girls have dieted at least once in their lives. 




Ten year olds.  That is fourth grade. Fourth grade!

My twin girls are 19 years old. To my knowledge neither of them has ever been on a diet, per se. They watch what they eat, but even that really only started in the last couple of years.

I was thinking back to when the girls were ten years old. They were concerned about soccer, American Girl dolls, and cute boys. They didn't spend much time thinking about body image or dieting.  It makes me sad to think that today's ten year old girls are so worried about how they look that they are dieting.

Some will blame the media for images of stick thin super models. Some will blame the ten year old girls for a lack of willpower.  I blame the parents. Where are the parents? Who lets fit little kids become obese?  Who lets them buy into what they see on TV? If kids are less active than they were 20 years ago, whose fault is it?  Kick the kid off the computer, make him put down the cell phone or Play Station and make him get out in the yard.

A ten year old on a diet is a depressing thought.

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