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Brat Summit Falling Apart. What's Up?

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It appears that Governor Walker's Brat Summit is in hot water.  

Shortly after winning the recall election, the Governor announced that there were two things he wanted to do. He wanted to get on his Harley and just hit the road for a while.  He also wanted to have all the state legislator over to the Governor's Mansion for a cookout. He said it was First Lady Tonette Walker's idea.  "Food always makes things better," Walker said.

It was an olive branch.  The Governor did what many had criticized him for not doing often enough, reaching out. 

Now politicians in both parties are bailing on the summit.  And they’re not being discreet.

Democratic State Senator Jon Erpenbach says he will not be there. “We have some stuff to work out and I don’t need to eat a brat and drink a beer with the Governor to get that work done,” Erpenbach told me.

Democratic State Representative Mark Pocan tweeted that he will also not be there. “I’m passing on ‘Brat Summit’ photo op. We need cooperation & compromise from Gov., not brats & beer,” tweeted Pocan, who is running for Congress.

Republican State Representative Steve Nass says he will also not be there. Nass is upset with remarks made this weekend by the Head of the Wisconsin Democratic Party and by State Senator Fred Risser. He claims that skipping the Governor’s summit will somehow punish those Dems and not the Gov.  I don’t get it. How is that punishment for the Democrats, and not the Governor who wants you there?

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