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Arrest in the Aryanna Schneeburg Arrow Shooting

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A 16 year old Campbellsport boy has been arrested for shooting the arrow that pierced seven year old Aryanna Schneeburg's back more than a week ago.

Police say the boy was shooting at a squirrel when the arrow flew 80 yards striking Schneeburg. The boy, and a 17 year old buddy that was with him heard a girl scream after the arrow flew away. They did nothing.

In the proceeding days police visited with the boys who denied knowing anything about the shooting. They lied to police. The story was also plastered all over the news. It was on the radio, the TV and in the newspaper.  Aryanna's mom made impassioned pleas for information.  The boys stayed silent. Apparently they kept the secret to themselves.

Yesterday police doubled back and re-questioned the two boys. Only then did the 17 year old confess that his 16 year old buddy had shot the arrow and they heard the girl scream and they did nothing.  The 16 year old was arrested.

What the heck is the matter with those two boys? They say they were afraid they would get in trouble. I get that. I would be scared too. But come on, I would hope that my girls would step up and admit what they had accidentally done. I always try to put myself in the other person’s shoes, and as I think about the parents of these kids, I think about how very sad I would be that my kids didn’t own it. It was an accident. Everyone makes mistakes. It’s not like these are 10 year old kids. They are 16 and 17. They ought to know better.

The whole thing makes me sad. I feel bad for Aryanna. I feel bad for Aryanna's mom. I feel bad for the parents of the teens. I feel sad for the teens, that they didn’t have the heart to come forward.

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