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Argument Over Scott Walker Leads to Throwdown

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So a couple of days ago I'm walking out of the gym where I work out and I see a van where the owner had scrawled a pro- Scott Walker message on the back window with that colored soap. 

As I got closer I could see that two guys were arguing about the message and about Scott Walker. They were getting into it big time. "Scott Walker is loser," one guy shouted.

"He's a hero," the other countered.

From there it all went downhill. There was swearing and accusations.

As I got closer I saw that I had made the inadvertent mistake of parking right next to the soaped vehicle, and unfortunately right next to the two men arguing.  As I got closer, the two 50 something aged men were right in each other's face. 

"He is just an idiot," the anti-Walker guy barked.

“I’ll show you an idiot,” screamed the pro-Walker guy.

Before I knew it the two men were pushing and shoving. Eventually they ended up on the ground, wrestling and swearing at each other. It was on… full bore.

Me and another guy, who happened to be walking into the gym got on the ground and broke it up.  As we pulled the guys apart they were still yelling at each other.

I assumed that one of the guys owned the offending van.  It ends up that neither of them did. One guy was walking by the van when he muttered something. That was all it take for all hell to break loose.

Really?  What is wrong with people? Can’t people just quietly agree to disagree?  Apparently not.

Former State Supreme Court Justice Janine Geske runs the Dispute Resolution Center at Marquette University. She joined us on Wisconsin’s Afternoon News to discuss what I had witnessed.

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