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My Soul Is Crying

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I don't know where I'm going with this blog post.  I only know that I need to write.  Since I was young, writing has made me feel free, relaxed and at peace.

My heart is crying for the family of Brittany Zimmerman.  And it also aches for Brittany.

Brittany Zimmerman was a 21 year old UW Madison student studying to be a Doctor.  Four years ago in the middle of the afternoon Zimmerman was brutally killed in her apartment. She was beaten, strangled and stabbed multiple times.  As she was being killed Brittany called 911. Police never showed up.  The dispatcher claims that she heard nothing and hung up. Protocol is that even if nothing is heard, a police officer id dispatched. The dispatcher claims she got busy and never sent police to her apartment. Court documents claim that Brittany’s phone call contained, screams, gasps, and sounds of a struggle.  48 minutes after her 911 call, Brittany’s fiancé came home and found her dead.  Only after he called 911, did police show up, but it was too late.  Brittany Zimmerman called out for help, and during her darkest hour she was failed.

I spoke to Brittany’s mom, Jean, today.  Four years later she is just crushed.  The family to this day has not been given details about Brittany’s death, how she was killed, or what exactly police know.  They say to tell the Zimmerman’s that information would jeopardize their investigation. And that heartbreaking 911 call?  The family only got to hear it after they sued Dane County.  That is pathetic.  And Dane County made the Zimmerman’s sign a confidentiality agreement that they wouldn’t discuss what they heard with anyone else.  Are you kidding me?  Let the family do what they want with the information.

Now four years later, Madison Police tell me that the investigation is still very active.  They are hopeful that someone will eventually be arrested. When I asked why they feel that way there were no good answers.  I got a lot of hemming and hawing.

Jean Zimmerman is doubtful that the savage killing of her daughter will ever be solved.

My heart is crying for the family of Brittany Zimmerman.  And it also aches for Brittany.

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