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John Mercure: Mercurey Rising

A House Seriously Divided

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This is a picture taken of my TV after Ohio State knocked off Cincinnati yesterday.

Eeeeeeshhhhhh.  This is going to be tough.  

Exciting basketball yesterday is leading to heartburn today in the Mercure household.

Michelle and I have twin girls away at college. Kierra is at Ohio State and Aimee is Syracuse.  And guess what?  Tomorrow (Saturday) the two colleges collide in the elite round of the NCAA tournament.   Both girls are huge sports fans.  Both have season tickets for both basketball and football at their universities. We’ve even seen them both on TV during games.

When the brackets first came out almost two weeks ago, we were shocked to see that both schools were in the same bracket…. Syracuse a #1 seed, Ohio State a #2.  We laughed a little, the girls talked a little trash and then we kind of moved on.  “It’s rare that the #1 and #2 seeds both make it all the way through the bracket”, we told ourselves.  Well, guess what?  It’s happened for OSU and SU. They will clash tomorrow night with one of them moving on to the Final Four.

It feels like I’ve been asked a thousand times who I’ll be cheering for tomorrow.  I don’t know.  Kierra will be at our house watching the game with a group of friends.  She believes that since she is actually here, we should cheer for the Buckeyes.  That would be the easy way out.  I think what is more likely to happen is that Kierra will watch me and believe that I am cheering for Ohio State.  I will have spoken to Aimee on the phone, she is likely to believe that I am true Orange all the way. 

In reality I will be doing what parents usually do.  I will try to figure out which girl will be less hurt by her team losing and try to rejoice with the winner and console the loser.   Then I will remind them both that it’s only a basketball game.  It’s just a game.

Go OhioCuse!

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