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Another Day, Another Co-Sleeping Death

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For crying our loud. Are you kidding me?  If it's Monday, I expect that I'll come in and there is, unfortunately, a good chance that at least one a baby will have been smothered to death in Milwaukee the previous weekend while sleeping with his mother.  

That's what happened again today.  I was sitting at my desk shortly before lunch when Dan O'Donnell walked up to me. "It's happened again," O'Donnell said to me.  I knew immediately what he was talking about.  There had been another co-sleeping death.  It is tragic.  It is awful.  And it is avoidable.

Put that baby in a bassinet.  Use a crib or Pack N Play.  Use a dresser drawer or a cardboard box. Just stop sharing a bed with your little ones or cuddling up with them on the sofa.  It is deadly. For goodness sake, I know you're tired.  I know it stinks when that baby cries all night long. I have twin girls.  I know how tough it can be.  

It's also tough when a baby doesn't make it through the night because a mother decided to co-sleep with him.

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