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Shame on You Mimi Alford

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Mimi Alford says she was a 19 year old intern in the summer of 1962 when she began what she describes as a torrid affair with President John Kennedy.  She has written a book.. a tell all book.  Many books claim to be tell-alls. If the excerpts are to be believed, this one really is. It is detailed... very detailed.

Among other things Alford claims she was seduced by the President in the First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy's bed room.  Alford says that's where she lost her virginity.  She also claims the President asked her to perform oral sex on one of his best friends (she obliged the President and his buddy) and his brother Ted. (I guess every girl has her line in the sand. She did not perform the sex act on Teddy). 

Here is my take. Hey selfish Mimi, think about your family. Think about your family. You are 69 years old. I'm assuming you have grandchildren. You might have great grandchildren. If you don't, I'm betting that you have brothers and sisters, and likely nieces and nephews.  Think about them. You are so incredibly selfish.  It is bad enough for them to know about your bad behavior. But to put in in writing so they can have it forever is beyond despicable.  I can buy into the fact that JFK clearly took advantage of a young intern. What he did was disgusting. Grandma Mimi cashing in 59 years later is also disgusting.

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