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Meet the Marriage Killer

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It's more common than adultery and potentially as toxic according to experts.  It's nagging.  Nagging can be destructive, but as damaging as adultery?!  I’m not buying that.  I would rather have my wife nag than hook up with my best buddy. 

Elizabeth Bernstein of the Wall Street Journal wrote a very intriguing column on nagging. We interviewed Bernstein and you can hear it here. 

There’s not a lot of nagging in my marriage. But I think I am guilty of nagging my kids.  I have two college girls and I feel like I have to ask them everything a thousand times. And I think they must feel that way too. I get a lot of, “Dad, I know.”  I feel like I wouldn’t have to nag if they listened better. Maybe I need to give them a little more space on that.  Patience hasn’t always been my strong suit.

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