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John Mercure: Mercurey Rising

Syracuse#1, Ohio State #2

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   As I have mentioned before, I have two daughters in college.  Kierra is a freshman at Ohio State.  Aimee is a freshman at Syracuse.

   The college basketball season began about a month ago.  The beginning of the season began a fierce battle between my two lovely daughters.  Both schools have fantastic basketball programs, and they are each expected to go deep into the NCAA tournament in the Spring.

   It has been an interesting thirty days.  Ohio State has hovered in the top three in the Coach's Poll all year. They lost for the first time on Saturday and yet, they still sit at #2.  Syracuse remains unbeaten and this week ascended to #1 in the polls.

   Since early November Kierra had relentlessly given it to Aimee about how the Buckeyes were higher in the polls.  I warned her to be careful.  On Saturday I think she understood loud and clear what I was talking about.  As Ohio State lost and Syracuse won, this text came into Kierra's phone from Aimee: "Hope you enjoy the view from behind us."

   I think it's game on.  I can't wait to see how the college basketball season plays out.

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