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EXCLUSIVE interview with former Governor Tommy Thompson

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I spoke exclusively to former Wisconsin Governor Tommy Thompson.  Earlier this week Thompson announced that Attorney General JB Van Hollen and longtime aide Jim Klauser will be the chairman of his US Senate campaign.  The interesting part of that announcement is that he has not officially decided whether or not he will run.


I, along with numerous members of the media, have been trying to track down Thompson all week.  Today we finally got ahold of him.


Thompson told me he still has not decided whether or not he will actually make a run.  I asked him what he thought of powerful opponent Russ Feingold deciding not to run.  Thompson scoffed at that and told me, "I think I'm a powerful opponent."  Thompson refused to say whether or not he will really run.  Although he did tell me, "I am very serious about this."


Will Thompson run?  My gut says yes.  Feingold's decision not to run only makes that possibility more likely.  Feingold was the only potential Democratic candidate that has won a statewide contest.  Now that he's out, Thompson is the only remaining candidate on either side with statewide experience.  Thompson may be downplaying it, but I think today's Feingold announcement may be the stress reliever that pushes his decision over the edge.

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