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August Will Make Me Very Happy and Very Sad

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August is almost here. 


The beginning of the month will be amazing for my family.  We are going to be in Italy for two weeks. The trip was a graduation gift for Kierra and Aimee.  It was also a gift for our Italian daughter, Miriam,  who lives in Rome and also graduated this Spring.  You're probably wondering how we have an Italian daughter.  Miriam was a foreign exchange student who lived with us for the entire school year in 2009-2010.  She is the same age as our girls, and she truly is part of our family.


We'll spend three days in Venice, three days in Florence, four days in Rome, and a week at a beautiful resort in the sea town of Puglia.  We fly into Venice before taking a train to Florence and a train to Rome.  I'm pretty excited about spending two weeks there and not having to worry about a car.  The train travel should be interesting.  Miriam will meet us in Rome and then we head to Puglia with her parents.  It will be an awesome trip.


Eight days after we come back from Italy we move Aimee out to Syracuse.  That will not be an awesome trip.  I am genuinely excited for her.  I am proud of her, and I look forward to hearing all about the great adventure she is about to embark on.  At the risk of sounding like I'm selfish and feeling sorry for myself... I'm sad for me.  Kierra and Aimee are the shining lights in my life and not seeing them every day and hearing about how their days went, will be quite different.  A few weeks after we take Aimee out to Syracuse, we take Kierra to Ohio State.


I guess I need to focus on the Italy trip, not the trip after that



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