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Just Pay the Bet and Shut Your Piehole

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  So about six months ago, the Packers were preparing to play the Bears in the NFC Championship game.  Our two Governors, Scott Walker and Pat Quinn made one of those cheesy bets.  Only this time they actually wanted to do something might make a difference for some folks.  So here was the bet; whoever lost would fly other teams flag at their State Capitol and deliver food to a food pantry wearing the other teams Jersey.


   You know how the game turned out.  The Packers gave the Bears a smackdown.  So you would have thought that in February or March Governor Quinn would have donned the green and gold and gotten up her to Wisconsin.  It didn't happen.  April came and went... nothing.  What about May?  Nothing.  June is nice in Wisconsin.  Apparently not to Governor Quinn.  Six months later and Quinn still has not found time to honor his bet and help the folks in Wisconsin that count on foodbanks. Nice work, Governor.


   So today, Governor Walker, tired of waiting, went to the Kenosha foodbank and donated several Wisconsin foods including brats and cranberries.


   I called Governor Quinn's office this afternoon and I was told that he has been preparing for a trip to Israel and he could not come up and join Governor Walker.  What?  Has he been preparing for the trip every minute of every day since that colossal butt kickin' in the NFC Championship game six months ago?  That was six months ago. Six months.  What a weasel.


   Late today Governor Quinn claimed he will eventually make the trip to Wisconsin to pay of his bet.  When?!  After the Packers crush the Bears again?  He then spouted off, "I've had enough of these cheseheads."  Hey Governor, just pay the bet and shut your piehole! 




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