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John Mercure: Mercurey Rising

"One Day the Man of My Dreams Will Sweep Me Off My Feet and Rape Me."

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The United Way of Milwaukee has launched a controversial ad campaign designed to curb teen pregnancy.  The campaign features fairy-tale princesses with messages telling young girls that dating adult men doesn't lead to 'happily-ever-after' endings.  The ads are aimed at eight to 12 year olds and will be posted at city bus stops.



One ad says "One day the man of my dreams will sweep me off my feet and rape me."  It goes on to say (in much smaller print) "An older man who sleeps with an underage girl isn't a prince, he's a rapist."  The ad features flowers and sparkles and decorations that appeal to little girls.



Another ad says, "All my dreams came true when my Prince Charming got me pregnant and left."



The third says, "Someday my true love will use me for sex and move on to my next victim.


Here is the podcast of the discussion we had.

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