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Ginger Lee asks Anthony Weiner to Resign

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   First adult entertainer Ginger Lee made sure that all of America knew that she is no longer a porn star.  She is now a Featured Dancer.  Oh, and she wants to become a real estate agent.  She also wanted us to all know that she thinks Anthony Weiner should resign.  I also happen to think he should resign.  But I am sitting here and I just can't get past the fact that here is this former porn star and current stripper chastising Congressman Weiner and saying he ought to resign because what he did was inappropriate.  What?!  Well, I guess she ought to know inappropriate.  I mean she did star in more than 40 adult films. Now, don't get me wrong, I think what Weiner did was disgusting, inappropriate and reprehensible.  All I'm saying is that only in America could an adult entertainer call a press conference to call out a Congressman who sent out inappropriate twitter pix.  Hey Pot meet Kettle.


   Here is a link to the Ginger Lee News Conference.

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