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"I Wanna Sex You Up" in Brookfield

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   What a crazy story in The Brookfield Patch.  Journalist and friend Lisa Sink uncovered a woman who tried to buy a Drexel saw tool on Craigslist and then was propositioned for sex by the guy trying to sell her his tool. 


   Here's how things went down.  Apparently the woman saw the ad and went out to dude's house to check out the saw.  Later that night the woman got a phone call from the saw seller who said he wanted to have sex with her.  The woman hung up on him and called Brookfield Police.   Police arrived at her house and were taking the report when the dude called back.  She put the police on the phone and the tool holder refused to believe it was police.  He called back a third time and threatened the woman. 


   Police have not been able to locate the man.  Oh, and one more thing.. just a hunch... I bet there's the possibility alcohol was involved.  What a tool!

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