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I'm Mad and Sad. I'm Disappointed and Depressed

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   So last night I'm sitting at home watching the news.  It's Channel Four.  They promoted a Rob Koebel Investigation about bullying on a school bus, and the video looked powerful.  The promo worked.  I stuck around to see it.  What I saw really made me angry. 


   A four year old girl who goes to the Milwaukee Public Schools is being bullied. Big Time.  There was a powerful interview with the girl's mom who described her young daughter being harassed and beaten and tortured every day.  She comes home with bumps and bruises and cuts.  The mom broke down as she described how she feels she can't protect her daughter.  She claims she has repeatedly expressed her concerns and fears to MPS management.  It was heartbreaking and infuriating.


   Then Koebel and his team decided to follow this little girl's bus.  It was astonishing.  Their hidden cameras followed the bus for three days and each day they captured total chaos on the bus.  You could clearly see kids beating on other students.  There was tackling and punching.  You could see shoes and backpacks flying through the air.  It was violent.  And non stop.  I was really angered.  And all I could keep thinking about was the poor little girls somewhere on that bus and her poor mom unable to help her.


   Where the hell is the bus driver in all of this?  It clearly wasn't an isolated incident.  How can any adult allow this to happen.  If it happened one day I could understand.  Koebel followed the bus three days, and ALL THREE DAYS it was violent chaos.   And shocker... wait for it... MPS refused to do an interview about the violence. 


Watch Koebel's Investigation HERE  Scroll down to video and hit the I-Team Tab








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