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Anthony Wiener Sure is!

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Anthony Wiener is just dispicable.  Today the disgraced New York Congressman admitted that he sent innappropriate pictures and sexted with at least six different women.  He's not even sure of the number of women.  Not only is he a married pervert, he is also a liar.  He lied to his wife.  He lied to several journalists.  He repeatedly lied to the constituents who gave him his job.  And he lied to all of us who pay his salary.

   A couple of observations from his hour long news conference this afternoon.

--Thank goodness his poor wife wasn't standing there by his side today.  I'm all for people trying to mend their marriages.  But I am tired of these poor women being trotted out to stand by their man as the man tries to save his political career.

--Weiner didn't want to take questions from the women journalists assembled in New York. He repeatedly ignored them.  They became more and more frustrated.  One of them got him to admit that he didn't know the ages of the women he was involved with.  Then one of the women reporters shouted, "They could be the same age as your daughter."

--Weiner admitted that there may be X rated pictures of him floating around out there.  Good grief.

   What do these powerful men think?  They won't get caught?  They will stay anonymous?  They can do whatever they want?  Maybe they don't think.  That's the problem.  Weiner is a narcissistic loser.

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