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John Mercure: Mercurey Rising

Aimee the Tender Hearted

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   So the other day I'm sitting in the living room reading a book, waiting for my daughter, Aimee,  to get home. I heard the door from the garage into our home open.  I yelled, "Hey Aimee. How was work?"  There was no answer.


   I got up off the sofa and walked toward the door.  "Aimee?" I asked.  Then I heard sobbing.  As I got closer, Aimee was so supset that she literally couldn't talk. "What's the matter, honey?" I asked her as I pulled her into a big hug.  She just sobbed, and sobbed.  My heart was breaking. I was also worried. "What is it, Aims?"  The tears streaked down her pretty face.  She tried to talk, but only sobs escaped.  "Are you OK?" I asked.


   "Uh huh'" she mumbled.


   "What about the car?  Is it OK?"


   "Uh Huh"


   I pulled her away so I could look her in the face.  Is someone else hurt?" I asked.


   "Yes."  And then the tears exploded.  "I hit a bird.  And when I looked in the rear view mirror it was in the road with it's little wing flapping around."


   "It's OK, honey.  It was an accident. You didn't mean to do it. It's OK to be sad." I was trying unsuccessfully to console my tender hearted daughter.


   "I know dad, but I can't stop thinking about the bird's family, "Aimee answered as she wiped the tears from her reddened face."


   After a few more hugs the phone rang and we got onto other things.  A few minutes later I was heading out to fill the bird feeders. Aimee saw me heading outside and asked what I was doing.  "I'm just going t fill the bird feeders, honey," I answered.


   "Can I help you?" she asked.


   "Of course," I answered.  She had never helped me before.  I wasn't even sure she knew where we kept the birdseed.


   As we filled the feeders and talked about her traumatic ride home from work it was apparent why Aimee was outside with me. It warmed my heart to realize that she wasn't out there to help me. She was out there to help our birds.





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