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Nick Collins

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    Packers safety Nick Collins is a great guy. He was on Wisconsin's Afternoon News to discuss a charitable event he was attending today.  So clearly he came on the show with a topic he wanted to discuss.  I have no problem with that, especially when it is for a good cause. 


   Here's where I'm going with this; not only did Collins discuss his charitable endeavor, but he was more than willing to discuss the NFL lockout, what he's doing this season and what the future holds for the league.  Did he say anything earth shattering?  No, but he was willing to chat about it.


   In the past month we have had other pro football players, including Packers who have wanted to come on Wisconsin's Afternoon News to discuss various off season charitable work, their foundations, or other things important to them.  We are more than willing to have them on to talk about their stuff, but they have to also be willing to discuss the news of the day, the lockout, or whatever we want to ask them about.  When told this, many of these athletes decide not to come on the show.  It's disappointing.



   Shout out to Nick Collins.  He got to showcase some of the great work he is doing and our listeners got to hear his take on what's happening in the NFL.

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