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John Mercure: Mercurey Rising

God Bless All Who Wear the Uniform

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   I have been listening to Jodi Becker's pieces on the Honor's Flight from this past weekend.  It has caused me to really sit back and reflect on the incredible sacrifices that men and women have made wearing the uniform.  It gives em the old lump in the throat when I see the 90 year old World War II vets taking in their memorial in Washington, D.C.  I get chills when they walk through the airport greeted by cheering crowds and waving flags.



   It's important to remember that we have men and women putting themselves in harms way right now.  Right now.  I am the first guy to get nostalgic about the vets that saved the free world before I was even born.  I think it's equally important to remember those brave souls fighting today.  Every day soldiers, airman, and sailors are putting their lives on the line in Iraq, Afghanistan, and other hot spots around the world.  They deserve our respect. 



   Support for the troops shouldn't be reflected by how you feel about any of the wars going on.  Americans are more than welcome to discuss and disagree on where and when our armed forces are used.  It's part of being a Democratic Republic.  But don't take opposition to the war out on our troops.  They are brave.  They are principled.  And by and large they make difficult, but moral decisions.  They deserve our appreciation and respect.





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