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Menomonee Falls dude Brian Dujmovic

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   You may have been following this story.  A Menomonee Falls guy, Brian Dujmovic, approached one of his neighbors with an Ak 47 when that neighbor wouldn't stop hitting golf balls in his own yard.  Police eventually had to come to the neighborhood.  Dujmovic then threatened them.  He even said he would drive a gas truck into the police department building. Dujmovic was actually tasered because he was so belligerent.  Police obtained a search warrant and pulled several rifles from his home.  Rifles, that neighbors say he was pointing at them.  Oh I almost forgot, he also has previous convictions for weapons charges.


   He was charged with 20 misdemeanors and is sitting in the Waukesha County Jail.  He is being held on $20,000 bail.  Neighbors, as you can imagine, are terrified.  They are alarmed that he could be back in the neighborhood sometime soon.


   I spoke with Waukesha County DA Brad Shimmel.  And he feels that his hands are tied by current state law.  He says he would have liked to have charged Dujmovic with a felony but none were applicable.  He is actually pushing for some changes to state law that would make it easier to charge guys like Dujmovic with a felony. 


   I just thought thought you might want to see what dude looked like.



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