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Release the Pictures

Help quiet things down

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The Obama Administration continues to debate whether or not to release photos and/or videos of dead Osama Bin Laden.  I say release the photos.  Or at least one photo.


The arguments against releasing the photos include that they are too gruesome, or that it might inflame anti-American rhetoric and actions around the world.  Some also argue that even releasing the photos will not quiet the conspiracy theorists.


I say release a photo.  It is of historical significance.  I agree that it will not appease all of those that believe Bin Laden is still alive in the hills of Pakistan or believe that he is currently being questioned on an aircraft carrier in the Arabian Sea.  So what.  Appeasing that fringe element is not the reason that I support releasing the photos.  I believe we should let people see how real violence is different than violence in the movies.


No one will be forced to look at the photos.  Those that want to see them should be allowed.  Those that don't want to see them, can look away.


Release the photos.


your thoughts?

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