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John Mercure: Mercurey Rising

A Joke

Just remember, it's all in good fun

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The Archangel Michael was looking for God one day. Eventually he found God sitting and relaxing.
“Come sit by me, Michael.” God said. “Look at what I have created, he said pointing down below. “It is a planet. I will call it Earth. It is magnificent. There are areas that are hot and areas that are cold. There are nations that are dry and others with lots of rain. It’s about balance, Michael. In everything I created on earth, there is a balance.”
“What about that area?” asked Michael pointing to a speck of land.
“Oh, that is Wisconsin. A land I am very proud of. The people are smart and warm and humorous. They take care of each other there. They are athletic. They are handsome, generous and decent people. It the land of Champions.”
“What about balance?” Michael asked.
“Look to the South.” God responded. “There is the balance. It’s called Illinois.”

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