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You Decide 2010: Is It RBI Or RBIs?

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Over the weekend I shared with listeners an e-mail I had received from someone pointing out that when speaking about a player who drives in more than one run it is incorrect to say "RBI" as I always have.  I'm a purist and my thought as always been that it's "runs batted in" not "runs batted ins" thus no s at the end of RBI.  But I'm also a stickler for the rules.  I'm the guy who points out when someone mispronounces the word caramel (there's an a in the middle folks, don't ignore it!)  However, some will point out that RBIs falls under the same rule as POWs or MREs.


So in the spirit of an election year I've opened it up to the rest of America, do you say RBI or RBIs?  Remember, this is when spoken out loud. You can e-mail me at or send me a tweet.


I'll give the results on Saturday's show.  There will be no recounts, legal challenges or swinging chads.  Once the results are final I'm sticking to it so get your vote in!

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