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My Vote For The Heisman

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This has been a strange year for college football's most prized individual trophy.  The five finalists are all worthy but does anyone jump out as a clear cut winner?  Indeed as late Thanksgiving weekend it was unclear who the finalists would be.  Quarterbacks Tim Tebow and Colt McCoy were solid but we've seen better years from both.  Toby Gerhart took off in the month of November with an incredible stretch but was an unknown when the season started.  Mark Ingram became the front runner after his performance in the SEC title game but for every monster game Ingram had there would be a subpar outing (prior to 113 yard, 3 TD game against Florida, he rushed for only 30 yards against Auburn.)


But of all the players I've seen this year only one player was so dominant that he needed to be accounted for on every play.  That's why if I had a vote for the Heisman Trophy I would put Nebraska defensive lineman Ndamukong Suh first.  Suh's disruptive play in the Big XII Championship game was the last in a long line of outstanding performances throughout 2009.  Suh required being double-teamed and if you didn't do that he would shut you down.  No other player required so much attention.


It is an unorthodox pick as traditionally the Heisman goes to quarterbacks and running backs.  Only one defensive player has won the Heisman and that was Charles Woodson in 1997.  Woodson had the benefit of being able to play on offense but like Suh Woodson needed to be accounted for.  Not since Woodson have I seen a defensive player be so influential.  The likely winner will be Ingram but the best player of 2009 was Suh hands down.

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