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Ranking the remaining bowls by its BW3's sauce equivalent

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After watching the Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl over the weekend I can't seem to get hot wings out of my head.  Apparently it's the same with our producer Ben "Bear" Bryan who noted that there are 16 bowls left and BW3 has 16 different wing sauces.  So in the spirit of wings and football here's a viewing guide to the remaining bowls based on how they would taste:

Sweet BBQ: Missouri-Oklahoma State.  Oh sure, this matchup doesn't have the heat of a BCS bowl, especially for two teams that were oh so close.  Nevertheless, it's classic flavor to be savored.

Teriyaki: UCLA-Virginia Tech.  Never really understood teriyaki on chicken wings.  Seems misplaced.  With the talent level of these two teams this bowl seems misplaced as well.

Mild: Mississippi State-Rice.  Yes there's an SEC team involved but much like the sauce this matchup will leave you wanting more.

Parmesan Garlic: Iowa-LSU.  Not bad flavoring but mixing these two together could get rather messy.

Medium: Clemson-Ohio State.  For two teams with national championship hopes there's not as much fire as one would like but it still has plenty of zing and won't lead to discomfort.

Honey BBQ: Arizona-Boston College.  No frills here, just a sweet meeting of two of the best running backs in college football.

Spicy Garlic: South Carolina-Wisconsin.  Typically one of the best of the non-traditional sauces and typically one of the best non-BCS bowls.

Jammin' Jalapeno: Houston-Vanderbilt.  You'd think with jalapenos (or the SEC) in the mix there'd be more heat here.  Unfortunately, there isn't.

Asian Zing: Alabama-Oklahoma.  A rather tasty matchup with a touch of fire added by Nick Saban's temper.

Caribbean Jerk: Arkansas State-Ball State.  While perhaps exotic in flavor, you really have to be in the mood to enjoy it.

Thai Curry: Georgia-Nebraska.  On paper it looks good but once you sink your teeth into it you realize it's not quite what you expected.

Hot BBQ: Michigan State-Stanford.  Defense adds heat to a very delicious matchup.

Hot: Auburn-Florida State.  Quintessential flavor, quintessential meeting.

Mango Habanero: Duke-Texas A&M.  Looks like a good idea at the time but if you're not careful this can get out of hand quickly.

Wild: Baylor-Central Florida.  We don't really know what to expect here but with Baylor's offense there could be some serious fireworks.  Not unlike the fireworks one would get after a plate of these babies.

Blazin': North Texas-UNLV.  Not for everyone.  Unless you really wanna get nuts just steer clear of this one.

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