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A Hater's Take On Conference Championship Sunday

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If there's any upside to the Packers exit from the playoffs it's that we've got a stress free weekend of football watching.  So who am I rooting for?  Well since I've been branded a "hater" for keeping it real regarding players like Tim Tebow I had to use a process of elimination.  It basically comes down to the team that bothers me the least.


There's no chance I'm rooting for the Giants and it's not because they knocked out Green Bay.  It's because if New York wins the Super Bowl then get ready for an East Coast media-driven Eli Manning love fest that will make you sick.  Eli is elite.  Eli's got two rings. Eli played pretty good.  And we'll hear it over and over and over.  Hey, I'm just keeping it real.


As most of you know I'm not a believer in the 49ers though the win over New Orleans was impressive.  They're a hard-hitting, physical team that lacks the look of a champion.  I've always thought Alex Smith was a bit of a fraud and for as little as I like Smith, I like Jim Harbaugh even less.  So all offseason we'll hear about  what a miracle worker Harbaugh is.  Okay, that's a bit of hatin' on my part but all season I felt the 49ers were not for real, might as well stick to my guns.


I don't have much of an issue with Baltimore and in fact I might have foreshadowed a Ravens Super Bowl back in September.  But Joe Flacco never really progressed after a surprising rookie season.  Furthermore, if Baltimore wins all we'll hear is "you see...defense wins championships!  You gotta have a running back!  You gotta have a defense!"  During Baltimore's first Super Bowl a team could win with defense and an average quarterback.  We're not really going to set the NFL back 11 years, are we?


You see, I've become a fan of the elite quarterback/high-flying offense.  I don't care much for the grind-it-out physical style anymore.  So, really there's only one team left for me to root for.  That right folks, cue the Imperial March and break out the hoodies, I'm pulling for the team everyone loves to hate.  And I'm the hater...

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