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  • Matzek's NFL Power Rankings: Week 4

    I've come to the realization that it's going to be one of those years in the NFL. This season is wide open for the taking with no clear-cut powerhouse in either conference. After 4 weeks of action, we now have more of a sample to consider in regards to the quality of a given team. One point to consider: the transitive property of mathematics has no bearing on these rankings. For example, just because the Bears beat the Packers, and the Giants beat the Bears, it's doesn't mean the Giants are better than the Packers. Similarly, just because one team beat another head-to-head, it doesn't automatically place them ahead of the other. What I do know is this: rankings 10-20 are going to be a weekly crap shoot, but I'll give it a shot. Last weeks ranking in parenthesis: 1. NY JETS (3) - LT has found the fountain of youth. Mark Sanchez has thrown 8 touchdowns and 0 interceptions. They've played the last game and a half without CB Darelle Revis and won big. And they get WR Santonio Holmes back from suspension this week. 2. BALTIMORE RAVENS (9) - Not creating as many turnovers without Ed Reed, but it's hard to find a more physical team in the NFL. 3. PITTSBURGH STEELERS (1) - A bye week in week 5, followed by the return of Ben Roethlisberger in week 6. The rich get richer. 4. ATLANTA FALCONS (4) - Underwhelming in victory... 5. NEW ORLEANS SAINTS (5) - ...over bad teams. 6. GREEN BAY PACKERS (6) - Look on the bright side: they won a game after committing 4 turnovers and possessing the ball for only 22 minutes. 7. NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS (11) - Scored just about every way possible in their 41-14 win over the Dolphins. I'll say it again, from 15 yards and in, Wes Welker is the most difficult WR in the league to cover. 8. INDIANAPOLIS COLTS (2) - A shaky defense that is already without Bob Sanders, will be without S Melvin Bullitt for the rest of the season. 9. HOUSTON TEXANS (8) - Outlasted the Raiders. Entertaining team to watch, but very green in the secondary. 10. DALLAS COWBOYS (13) - BYE. Still not sure what to think about this team...the bye week didn't allow me another chance to figure them out. 11. NY GIANTS (18) - Nothing fancy about their win over the Bears, just a hard-nosed, "I'm better than you" attitude. Need to be more careful with the ball however. 12. SAN DIEGO CHARGERS (20) - Boy they are just all over the place. But they are supremely talented in some key spots. 13. CHICAGO BEARS (7) - They are who we thought they were. 14. WASHINGTON REDSKINS (19) - Played well enough to win on the road in Philly. Nice rebound after being pounded by St. Louis. 15. KANSAS CITY CHIEFS (16) - BYE. They moved up by virtue of other teams ahead of them losing. They'll move way up if they dismiss the Colts in week 5. 16. MINNESOTA VIKINGS (17) - BYE. Next up: The NY Jets. 17. PHILADELPHIA EAGLES (12) - Trending downward with the loss of Michael Vick. Backup QB Kevin "Check down" Kolb looked scared to be in the game. 18. DENVER BRONCOS (22) - Guess who the NFL leader in passing yardage is? It's Kyle Orton with an incredible 1419 yards (354.75 YPG). 19. CINCINNATI BENGALS (10) - So they beat the Ravens, but can't beat the Browns? Makes sense. 20. MIAMI DOLPHINS (15) - After losing back to back home games to the Jets and Patriots, the Dolphins have a bye week followed by games against the Packers, Steelers, Bengals and Ravens. Yuck! 21. TENNESSEE TITANS (14) - The trick to beating the Titans? Hold Chris Johnson to 53 yards rushing and put the pressure on Vince Young. 22. ST. LOUIS RAMS (26) - The Rams are tied for the division lead in the NFC West and are underdogs for this Sunday's road game against the 0-4 Detroit Lions. Go figure. 23. JACKSONVILLE JAGUARS (27) - Playing Indianapolis is like the Super Bowl for the Jags every year. After a game winning 59 yard FG, kicker Josh Scobee should head straight for Disney Land. 24. TAMPA BAY BUCCANEERS (23) - BYE week. Dropped a spot after wins by the Rams and Jaguars. Sorry. 25. SEATTLE SEAHAWKS (21) - After a 20-3 loss to the Rams, the 2-2 Seahawks are right in the thick of things in the NFC West. 26. CLEVELAND BROWNS (30) - The Browns won the battle of Ohio behind 102 rushing yards from Peyton Hillis. QB position is still a problem. 27. DETROIT LIONS (28) - Had a strong game plan and 37 minutes of possession against the Packers, but also had 13 penalties in suffering a 28-26 loss. 28. ARIZONA CARDINALS (24) - Larry Fitzgerald has just 19 receptions for 208 yards on the season. Oh, and undrafted rookie Max Hall could get the start at QB this weekend. Oh, and they're tied for first in the NFC West. 29. SAN FRANCISCO 49ers (25) - At 0-4, they are still in the hunt in the NFC West. If they played in any other division, their season would be toast. 30. OAKLAND RAIDERS (29) - Team is more stable with Bruce Gradkowski under center, but still not very good. 31. CAROLINA PANTHERS (32) - Good fight against the Saints earns them the right to move out of the cellar. 32. BUFFALO BILLS (31) - Back home again.

  • Matzek's NFL Power Rankings: Week 2

  • An Accurate Account of When Randy Moss Was Nearly A Green Bay Packer...Twice

    I typically don't post direct links to other people's content, but this was too good not to share with you. Remember back in 2007 when the Green Bay Packers were rumored to be one of the teams hot and heavy for WR Randy Moss? There were a variety of rumors that surfaced regarding the Packers approach, what they offered, and how not getting Moss ultimately lead to Brett Favre wanting out of Green Bay and away from GM Ted Thompson.

  • Matzek's NFL Power Rankings: Week 1

  • Greg and Jeff's Fearless NFL Predictions

    Well, here they are: The fearless NFL predictions offered by myself and Jeff Falconio. Much to the chagrin of many, neither of us have the Packers in the Super Bowl. I just can't see a way for the Packers to stop a high quality passing attack with a limited pass rush and shaky secondary. I'd love to say that Al Harris would provide a boost to the unit in the second half of the season, but that's a very difficult thing to do right now...he can't be counted on.

  • Build Your Own Big Ten Conference Divisions

    According to Big Ten Commissioner Jim Delany, we should know the final division alignment of the Big Ten Conference around mid-September. Already, there has been tremendous speculation as to how this could look. Will it be East/West? Will it be a hodge-podge? Do Ohio State and Michigan need to stay in the same division? Those are just a few of the questions being posed as we near the end result.

  • VIDEO: Angry Bull Hops In Stands At Bullfighting Event

    I'm sure you've heard of the running of the bulls in Pamplona, Spain. The time honored tradition is undeniably one of the most mind-boggling and bonkers events one could imagine. Let's have a few 1200 pound angry bulls...complete with mature horns on each side of the through narrow cobblestone streets of Pamplona while a bunch of people dressed in white jump suits run for their lives SIGN ME UP!

  • What Vikings Fans Are Saying About Favre Report.

    Ever since the first Viking fan tried to make me think that Brett Favre would never go about is 'business' the same way he did in Green Bay I've been waiting for this day.

  • The LeBron Effect: Heat Fire Sales Staff!

    Imagine being a member of the Miami Heat organization in the summer of 2010. The euphoric high that was generated with the arrival of LeBron James has now cast a dark cloud over the former staff that was licking their chops waiting to sell tickets.

  • LeBron's New Miami Home

    Anyone who was wondering why LeBron James would leave Cleveland for Miami should see the link below. Few places offer the geographic luxuries that Miami boasts (and there's pretty decent night life).

  • VIDEO: Fan Falls 30 Feet From Stands at Rangers Game

    Anyone who's been to a baseball game and watched a fan lean over the ledge, even at the slightest of angels, has imagined what it would be like if that person fell from one level to the next. It always makes me whince.

  • Strasburg, and Other Notable Player Debuts

    Tuesday night's electric debut for the Washington Nationals Stephen Strasburg was positively amazing...and positively uplifting for a franchise that has been mired in futility since joining the league. In his first big league start...some 12 months after he was selected #1 overall by the Nationals in the 2009 MLB draft...Strasburg has immediately become something that all players wish to become - must see TV.

  • Tour De Farce? I Think NOT!

    I'm a pretty simple man by nature: I love doing things that benefit a great cause, and I love beer. Combine the two and I will be there front and center (and perhaps camping overnight).

  • Decision Time For Doug Melvin - and I'm Not Talking About Macha or Prince

    After a difficult first two months of the season, the Milwaukee Brewers are still well within striking distance of the teams at the top of the National League, but they find themselves at a crossroads. Fans, media, and perhaps even the players are wondering what the "big move" will be to shake things up and set this team on track toward getting above .500 and playing meaningful baseball after the All-Star break.

  • Serena Goes Bonkers On A Lineswomen at the U.S. Open

    In one of the most bizarre endings to a US Open match in history, Serena Williams goes bonkers on a lineswomean after a questionable call. No word if she'll be allowed to play in the men's tournament. Check out the video here.

  • Completely Tasteless Halloween Humor With an NFL Angle

    On second thought, maybe creating a Halloween scene that reenacts Steve McNair's murder scene WASN'T such a great idea. I could see your drunken neighbor doing something this tasteless, but an amusement park? I hope someone lost their job because of this.

  • Forget Favre. How About Catching A Laptop With Your Butt...

    The moment the last seconds ticked off the clock at the Metro and Edward Jones Dome last weekend, the focus has been on the Packers/Vikings matchup. I understand the hype and hysteria that surrounds this game, but think we have all become a little too saturated with it all.

  • One Word Historical Description of Cleveland Sports: Miserable

    Wisconsin sports fans - consider yourself fortunate. Since the turn of the century we have been witness to some great moments in sports from a variety of state teams...

  • Landry Earns NBA Roster Spot; Matthews Likely To Do The Same

    According to the New York Daily News undrafted rookie Marcus Landry (Wisconsin) has earned a roster spot with the New York Knicks. In addition, Wesley Matthews (Marquette) is inching closer to doing the same with the Utah Jazz.

  • The Worst Uniforms In NBA History. Period.

    The start of the 2009-2010 NBA season is upon us, and as in years past, the start of the season coincides with Halloween weekend. In light of this once a year tradition and the start of a fresh NBA season, I thought it pertinent to point out some of the worst costumes…er…uh uniforms in NBA history. There are many lists out there relative to the topic, but this is the only list that should be considered ‘official’.

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