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  • How Can Bears Keep Pace With Packers?

    How far is the gap between the Super Bowl winning Green Bay Packers and division rival Chicago Bears?

  • Super Bowl 45: Behind The Scenes, Day 4

    Before I get to the events of Thursday, I want to reflect on a cool event that took place at the House of Blues last night. Brian Lammi of Lammi Sports Management organized an event with former Packers William Henderson, Santana Dotson, and current Packers WR James Jones.

  • Super Bowl 45: Behind The Scenes, Day 3

    We're takin' it up a notch!

  • Super Bowl 45: Behind The Scenes, Day 2


  • Super Bowl 45: Behind The Scenes, Day 1

    The Monday of Super Bowl week is essentially the calm before the storm...but "calm" is a relative term. If you can call 500 media members on radio row "calm" then that's what this is. By Thursday, however, this place will be jam packed to the gills with media members galore.

  • What Bears Fans Are Saying About the Loss

  • James Starks Was Supposed to Be A Chicago Bear

    If you're a football fan, the National Football Post web site needs to be regular stop for you. Former Green Bay Packers Director of Player Personel, Andrew Brandt writes for them, as does former Packers safety Matt Bowen.

  • Matzek's NFL Playoff Handicap Rankings

    Casting my weekly power ranking aside, I worked to handicap this years playoff contingent from (1-12). I tried to focus on consistency, how they played in December, and what their path to Super Bowl 45 might look like. If these were power rankings, the numbers might be a little different.

  • WI Badgers Rose Bowl Champion T-Shirts For Sale...Before the Game.

    Call it a mistake. Call it billboard material. Call it comical. Regardless your spin, fans can start purchasing Rose Bowl Champion T-shirts before the game is even played. I can't imagine the Horned Frogs of TCU (who are slightly favored in the game) will take kindly to this.

  • Matzek's Weekly NFL Power Rankings: Week 14

    Jaguars jump...Jets continue to fall. The week 14 NFL power rankings are below....

  • Alternate Names For BIG TEN Divisions. What They Didn't Share.

    It's official! When the Big Ten Conference breaks down in to divisions for football in 2011, the Wisconsin Badgers will join Illinois, Indiana, Ohio State, Penn State, and Purdue in the Leaders Division.

  • Matzek's Weekly NFL Power Rankings: Week 13

    December football equals 'crunch time'. No need to waste time with a snickering lead are the latest power rankings:

  • Matzek's Weekly NFL Power Rankings: Week 12

  • What Vikings Fans Are Saying After The Loss

    The Packers exercised dominance against the Minnesota Vikings in week 11 of the NFL season. My very first internet trip following the loss was to the Minnesota Star Tribune to see what Vikings fans thought about the loss.

  • Schedule Analysis: Packers and Bears

  • Matzek's NFL Power Rankings: Week 11

    It's been a couple weeks since I've drafted fresh rankings (I had a bye last week), but I'm back with a fresh outlook. Now that we're approaching December, I no longer felt I should use previous weeks rankings as a benchmark for the next. I included a teams previous rank just for kicks, but I really didn't pay attention to it when building this weeks.

  • Matzek's NFL Power Rankings: Week 8

    The rankings roll on! The Packers made a nice move after beating the Jets, the Titans fell some after being hammered by the Chargers.

  • Matzek's NFL Power Rankings: Week 7

    Things are starting to settle down at the top (although the Patriots and Ravens challenged that theory with narrow wins), and I've even instituted a new concept in this weeks rankings...we'll see how it plays out, but I like how it looks for now. Read on... 1. NY JETS (1) - CB Darelle Revis says his hamstring is 100%. I'm hoping QB Mark Sanchez picks Sunday against Green Bay as the game he throws his first interception(s). 2. PITTSBURGH STEELERS (2) - I'm still not sure how the recovery of Ben Roethlisberger's goaline fumble...which was clearly recovered by the Dolphins in the end zone...was ruled 'inconclusive'. Steelers got away with one. 3. NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS (3) - Games against the Chargers are always tight. The Pats did enough to hang on and hold their spot at #3. 4. BALTIMORE RAVENS (4) - Well that was a close one. the Ravens got caught in another shootout...this time against the win less Buffalo Bills. This year more than any I can recall, a win is a win. 5. INDIANAPOLIS COLTS (5) - Bye week. The loss of TE Dallas Clark and WR Austin Collie will place even more on the shoulders of QB Peyton Manning. 6. NEW YORK GIANTS (6) - The score would indicate they just snuck by the Dallas Cowboys Monday night, but the Giants spotted Dallas 17 points on turnovers and special teams gaffes. 7. ATLANTA FALCONS (9) - QB Matt Ryan is nearly unbeatable at home, and WR Roddy White is positively ridiculous right now. 8. TENNESSEE TITANS (11) - It's time to pay attention to the Titans. A 27 point 4th quarter outburst vaulted them past the Eagles. 9. WASHINGTON REDSKINS (10) - The NFC East is a log jam. Many thought it would be, but most thought the jam would have included the Cowboys, not the Redskins. 10. GREEN BAY PACKERS (15) - Defensive Coordinator Dom Capers is a fricken genius. He has guys playing out of position...heck, he even has guys playing on the opposite side of the ball, and he's getting results. Team depth gets a little better with CB Al Harris and S Atari Bigby's return to practice. 11. PHILADELPHIA EAGLES (8) - Not a great start for QB Kevin Kolb against in their loss to the Titans. Head Coach Andy Reid says Michael Vick will take over under center in week 8. 12. HOUSTON TEXANS (12) - Bye week. LB DeMeco Ryans is lost for the rest of the season. Not good for a defense that already gives up a ton of points. 13. MIAMI DOLPHINS (13) - A fluke call cost them a win over the Steelers. I can't punish the Dolphins for what happened on Sunday. 14. KANSAS CITY CHIEFS (17) - At (4-2), the Chiefs are getting better right before your very eyes. 15. NEW ORLEANS SAINTS (7) - Talk about an embarrassing loss! Two Drew Brees interceptions returned for TD's by Browns DL David Bowens cost the Saints a win, and their dignity. 16. SEATTLE SEAHAWKS (20) - Back to back wins have the Seahawks on top of the NFC West. Not that 5 field goals are an exciting way to win, but hey - a win is a win, remember? 17. CHICAGO BEARS (14) - Their defense and special teams rank in the top 10, but their offense is bottom third of the league at best. 18. MINNESOTA VIKINGS (16) - Brett Favre's ankle is going to fall off. OK - this is where things get tricky. The swirling mess of teams below fit into 4 categories. I'm going to try something new and rank them by record, but then classify them appropriately as I see it. PS - The Vikings are very close to being lumped in to the below group. Category 1: Talented, but grossly underachieving Category 2: Have no clue which team is going to show up on gameday Category 3: They aren't as bad as I thought Category 4: On the clock 19. TAMPA BAY BUCCANEERS (26) - The Bucs are 4-2, and playing pretty good ball behind young Josh Freeman at QB. A category 3 team. 20. ARIZONA CARDINALS (23) - 3-3 and completely relevant in the NFC West. I really don't think they're very good, but they don't have to be to challenge for the division. Category 3ish? 21. ST. LOUIS RAMS (21) - Even though they lost to the Bucs on Sunday, the Rams have won about as many games as I thought they would for the entire season. At 3-4 they are far better than I thought. Category 3 all the way. 22. OAKLAND RAIDERS (29) - They absolutely exploded against the Broncos with 59 points. Darren McFadden continues to impress fantasy owners. They're 3-4, but a category 2 team in my opinion. 23. JACKSONVILLE JAGUARS (25) - They're 3-4 and hanging in, but have a tough division with the Colts and Texans. Category 3 team. 24. CINCINNATI BENGALS (22) - Bye week. Record of 2-4. Category 1 for sure. 25. DENVER BRONCOS (19) - Somehow, the Broncos are 2-5 and have played better without RB Knoshawn Moreno. I couldn't believe it when I saw the Raiders had put up 59 points on their defense. A category 2 team. 26. SAN DIEGO CHARGERS (27) - With a record of 2-5 and a handful of pro-bowlers, they are a classic category 1 team. 27. CLEVELAND BROWNS (30) - In his second career start, rookie QB Colt McCoy threw for a whopping 74 yards but earns a win over Drew Brees and the world champion Saints. Welcome to the wacky world known as the 2010 NFL season. I think the Browns fit into the #2 category, but have an eye on #3. 28. DETROIT LIONS (24) - I feel like my new system has unjustly punished the Lions...especially given the fact they had a bye. I'm confident this will all play out and the Lions will get back to the sunny side of 25. Category 2 and 3 combined. 29. DALLAS COWBOYS (18) - I can no longer keep the Cowboys near the teens on this list. at 1-5 and with the loss of Tony Romo for at least 6 weeks, the Cowboys are a category 1 team that is going no where this season. 30. CAROLINA PANTHERS (31) - Oh the wild celebration that must have ensued in Charlotte after the Panthers earned their first win of the season over the 49ers. At 1-5, I feel as if the Panthers fit best into category 4. 31. SAN FRANCISCO 49ers (28) - At 1-6, they are still in the hun...ahh nevermind...this team stinks right now. Category 1. 32. BUFFALO BILLS (32) - At 0-6, the Bills could be here for a while. Category 4.

  • Matzek's NFL Power Rankings: Week 5

    Aside of the Jets, Ravens, Steelers and bottom feeders, I seriously considered ranking every team on this list at 15. I love the whole parody thing and the fact there are no more undefeated teams in the league, but I can't even begin to wrap my arms around what all the tie breaker scenarios will look like as we near the'll be longer than War And Peace. Nonetheless, here's a look at what I came up with for this weeks rankings. Last weeks ranking in parenthesis: 1. NY JETS (1) - They continue to avoid making big mistakes while having developed pretty good balance on offense. 2. BALTIMORE RAVENS (2) - Could easily make an argument for them to be atop this list. 3. PITTSBURGH STEELERS (3) - The Steelers hold their spot at 3 with Ben Roethlisberger returning in week 6. Given the way this season has gone so far, the Steelers should lose by 20 to Cleveland this weekend. 4. ATLANTA FALCONS (4) - Are they the best team in the NFC? Really? Battle of the birds this Sunday as they take on the Eagles. 5. NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS (7) - Had a bye, but I had no choice but to move them up given other teams losses. Can they sustain without Randy Moss? Bill Belichick thinks so. 6. INDIANAPOLIS COLTS (8) - Peyton Manning looked human, but at the end of the year, people will look at the road win at Kansas City as a quality one. 7. NEW YORK GIANTS (11) - Two weeks ago fans were screaming for Tom Coughlin's head, now they're screaming 'division title'. 8. WASHINGTON REDSKINS (14) - Donovan McNabb and Mike Shannahan bring a winning mentality to DC. No chance they win that game a year ago. 9. NEW ORLEANS SAINTS (5) - Teams are doing to the Saints, what the Saints did to them a year ago - capitalizing on mistakes with an opportunistic defense. Karma stinks. 10. CHICAGO BEARS (13) - They better hope Jay Cutler gets back soon...backup QB Todd Collins gave a new meaning to 'awful' with 4 interceptions against the Panthers. 11. GREEN BAY PACKERS (6) - How the heck are they going to field a roster of players for practice this week? 12. PHILADELPHIA EAGLES (17) - Kevin Kolb looked much more comfortable in leading the Eagles to victory against the 49ers. 13. TENNESSEE TITANS (21) - As long as they can run, they are dangerous. 14. HOUSTON TEXANS (9) - Completely dominated by the NY Giants. The Texans will need to win shootouts because their defense can't stop anything. 15. KANSAS CITY CHIEFS (15) - They fell from the ranks of the unbeaten, but made the Colts offense look pedestrian in defeat. 16. MINNESOTA VIKINGS (16) - Too many jokes... 17. DALLAS COWBOYS (10) - The Cowboys play Minnesota next week with the loser looking ahead to next season. 18. DENVER BRONCOS (18) - Kyle Orton continues to rack up passing yards at a ridiculous pace...and he did it against the stingiest defense in the NFL. Denver really needs Knoshown Moreno back at RB however. 19. MIAMI DOLPHINS (20) - Had a bye, and heading to Lambeau this weekend. 20. JACKSONVILLE JAGUARS (23) - Fought off some ugly mistakes to beat the Bills. 21. TAMPA BAY BUCCANEERS (24) - QB Josh Freeman is better than I thought. 22. SAN DIEGO CHARGERS (12) - ???? (again) 23. CINCINNATI BENGALS (19) - There is no excuse for how poor the Bengals have played. They are way too talented to be losing like this. 24. DETROIT LIONS (27) - Never wake a sleeping Lion. 25. ARIZONA CARDINALS (28) - Starting an undrafted rookie at QB, the Cardinals managed to beat the Saints (and score 30 points) without scoring an offensive touchdown. What the? 26. SEATTLE SEAHAWKS (25) - Had a bye. Sorry for dropping you one slot. 27. OAKLAND RAIDERS (30) - Playing without RB Darren McFadden, the Raiders rallied behind Bruce Gradkowski to earn a win over the confusing Chargers. 28. ST. LOUIS RAMS (22) - Two steps forward, one step back. 29. CLEVELAND BROWNS (26) - QB injury troubles continue. Jake Delhomme and Seneca Wallace are both injured...might we see rookie Colt McCoy behind center this weekend? 30. SAN FRANCISCO 49ers (29) - At 0-5, they are still in the hunt in the NFC West. If they played in any other division, their season would be toast. 31. CAROLINA PANTHERS (32) - They intercepted the Bears Todd Collins 4 times and still lost by 17. 32. BUFFALO BILLS (31) - If nothing else, QB Ryan Fitzpatrick looks better than Trent Edwards (???).

  • Matzek's NFL Power Rankings: Week 3

    Another week, another shift in the balance of power in the NFL. Before you read on, I must point out that just because one team beats the other in head-to-head competition, it doesn't necessarily make that team better. You can probably sense where I'm going with this, but one week is not a trend. 1. PITTSBURGH STEELERS - Granted, it was a win over the Buccaneers, but the Steelers could win with the Miller Lite Fan of the Game at QB right now. Tough test this week against the Baltimore Ravens. 2. INDIANAPOLIS COLTS - The NFL might consider changing the name of the MVP award. Through three games, Manning has 9 TD's and 0 interceptions. 3. NY JETS - Two signature AFC wins in row have vaulted the Jets to #3. May have to play a second consecutive game without Darelle Revis. 4. ATLANTA FALCONS - They beat the former #1 on this list (New Orleans) on the road and their only loss is to the current #1 on this list. 5. NEW ORLEANS SAINTS - Defense isn't as opportunistic as it was last year, but the scheduling God's have cast a favor their way. The Saints next four games are against the Carolina, Arizona, Tampa Bay, and Cleveland. 6. GREEN BAY PACKERS – Lack of discipline resulted in a team record 18 penalties Monday night. As anticipated, they miss Ryan Grant. At least it’s a short week until their next game. 7. CHICAGO BEARS – I had considered placing them ahead of the Packers until I heard former Bear, and current Chicago Sports Radio host Tom Waddle say that he feels the Packers are a better team despite last night’s 20-17 win. Still, the Bears have won against two teams many predicted would represent the NFC in the Super Bowl. 8. HOUSTON TEXANS – Mulligan. 9. BALTIMORE RAVENS – All they need is for the offense to be kinda good, and they should be a top 10 team all season. 10. CINCINNATI BENGALS – I fully realize they beat Baltimore in week 2, but they didn’t score a TD in that game…and something is wrong with Carson Palmer. 11. NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS - Giving up 30 points to the Buffalo Bills is not the way to impress, but they managed to win. 12. PHILADELPHIA EAGLES – Jacksonville is not a good team, but Vick’s 291 yards passing and 3 TD’s are scary when you consider how dangerous we know he is with his legs. 13. DALLAS COWBOYS – Battle of Texas goes the way of the Cowboys. Dominant in all three phases against the Texans. 14. TENNESSEE TITANS - Classic 8-8 team when it’s all said and done. 15. MIAMI DOLPHINS – Nowhere to run against the Jets defense rendered the ‘Phins one dimensional. 16. KANSAS CITY CHIEFS – Not playing elite teams is one thing. Absolutely hammering the 49ers is another. The Chiefs are 3-0 and coming to a city near you. 17. MINNESOTA VIKINGS - Finally allowed Adrian Paterson to carry the load, but Favre continues to struggle with two more interceptions while taking a lot of hits against the Lions. 18. NEW YORK GIANTS - Last week I was told by my east coast friend Matt that NY was too low on this list, and the Eagles too high. After week three, I stand by my decisions. 19. WASHINGTON REDSKINS – Think they were looking past the Rams with a road game at Philly this weekend? Donovan McButterpants versus Michael Vick should garner loads of attention. 20. SAN DIEGO CHARGERS - ??? 21. SEATTLE SEAHAWKS – Tied for the division lead in the horrible NFC West. 22. DENVER BRONCOS – Kyle Orton’s arm is going to fall off if he has to pass for nearly 500 yards every game. 23. TAMPA BAY BUCCANEERS – More like the team that lost to Pittsburgh than the team that started 2-0. 24. ARIZONA CARDINALS – See “Seattle”. 25. SAN FRANCISCO 49ers – Just what QB Alex Smith needs…another new offensive coordinator. 26. ST. LOUIS RAMS - Really handed it to the Redskins. Congrats to Sam Bradford for his first win. 27. JACKSONVILLE JAGUARS – Remember when David Garrard was among the best in the NFL at NOT throwing interceptions? 28. DETROIT LIONS - Decent first half against the Vikings, but little in the second half. 29. OAKLAND RAIDERS - Sebastian Janikowski missed a chip shot against the Cardinals that would have won it. On the bright side, Darren McFadden is finally rushing the ball with purpose. 30. CLEVELAND BROWNS – Seneca Wallace is better than Jake Delhomme. 31. BUFFALO BILLS – A 30 point effort against New England with Ryan Fitzpatrick at QB moves the Bills up one notch. 32. CAROLINA PANTHERS - Holy cow are they bad.

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