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The Cold Filtered Ramblings of Gene Mueller

Hell Isn't Just About Fire

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        Anyone with a soggy basement or damaged house knows the feeling.

        Nature can really, really pound home the ol' vulnerability, can't it?

        People who did nothing wrong except to trust their basements, their sump pumps and the wonders of modern waste water treatment will be spending the next days, weeks and even months trying to bounce back from the aftermath of this week's torrential rains.

         There is no explaining more than seven inches of rain in a couple of hours.    There's no getting your head around the kind of precipitation this region has been asked to absorb in the last week or so.   

          Meteorologist Michael Fish says he can't remember rain like this, and when the weather guys are slack-jawed, you've got yourself a full-flown weather phenomenon.

          That's cold comfort to anyone hauling a soaked couch out of a finished basement, or lugging boxes of family heirlooms to the curb.    Having done it myself over the years, I share your pain.     As I remember, there's also a goodly share of anger and frustration, too.    Your insurance agent becomes your best friend, as does any neighbor or friend who escaped unscathed and who shares their good fortune by helping you out.     They are people you don't forget, long after the drywall is fresh and the new paint is dry.

          Global warming?   Climate change?    Those are discussions for another day.    People older  and wiser than me say they've never seen anything like this, and enough for me to think that what happened here is what we've seen before in the Dakotas, Iowa, and more recently, Nashville.   

         The weather gods are angry.   We're at the mercy of the jet stream.    If you''re dealing with the after-effects of Thursday's record rain, you know hell isn't just about fire.    And, if the forecasters are right, hell isn't going to end until maybe Saturday night.

         Good luck.



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