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The Cold Filtered Ramblings of Gene Mueller

This And That

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       Morsels, tidbits and nuggets from a week's worth of current events:

--Cleveland has a right to be angry about LeBron James leaving for Miami, but the fans there certainly can't be surprised.    James choreographed this move for years.    The only line that wasn't in the script was the last one, where he inserted the name of his new team.    That doesn't mean he isn't a self-aggrandizing, ego-maniacal windsock to whom loyalty means nothing.    It just means we shouldn't be shocked that one of our pro athletes lived down to expectations.


--Lindsay Lohan...dead by 30? one of the Russian spies arrested in the U-S that ISN'T named Anna Chapman.    Would this even be a story if we didn't have the comely redhead involved?   



  You can bet the network morning shows trotted out everything in their arsenals to land an "exclusive" with her, even though the other nine might have been easier to get and could've told just as much if not more about what they were doing here in the US in the first place.


--Is your faith in our local infrastructure shaken by events of recent months?    The Zoo Interchange, the Courthouse, the O'Donnell Park tragedy and now word that nets are being put up to keep pieces of the Hoan Bridge from pelting Jones Island?     And what about the cluster-you-kinow-what that the Humboldt bridge re-do turned out to be?     


--Ken Macha deserves a better fate but me thinks his future as Brewers manager can be measured in days, perhaps hours.  




  The team is playing some dreadful ball right now, and the skipper is usually the fall guy.    Macha made few mistakes during his watch and I've never thought the team's troubles this season are his fault.   Plus, I like the fact that he's blunt, forthright, and very honest when we do our weekly chats with him on Wisconsin's Morning News.    His type of candor is hard to find (remember, we used to have to chat with Ned Yost).    But I'm sure our selfish concerns aren't in play as owner Mark Attanasio ponders what to do with such an underachieving aggregation.

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