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The Cold Filtered Ramblings of Gene Mueller

It's Always Something...

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      Vigorous prep/cleanup/load-out from the daughter's weekend grad party kept me from blogging as much as I'd care to of late.   Allow me to rest my weary arms while I unlimber my dormant fingers upon my dusty keyboard:

--One of the biggest ovations heard at the golf outing I emceed Monday came when it was announced to those at the 19th hole that the Brewers released Jeff Suppan.   He joins Eric Gagne and a legion of other free agents who came to Milwaukee in hopes of being the "final piece", only to become the target of Miller Park wrath.   It begs the question: what then of Trevor Hoffman who's quest for his 600th career save is stalled amid an inability to close.     Here's another one: will these failures dampen GM Doug Melvin's appetite for high-priced free agent mound talent?    It's thought mid-to-small market towns like Milwaukee have to develop talent from within.   The pipeline from the bush leagues seems to have just about run dry.    Lord knows no one in the Brewers marketing department wants anyone uttering the word "rebuilding", which no doubt goes into the hot rotation if Melvin peddles Prince Fielder.


--Next time you're in the Dells, Brandon Underwood, try Pirate's Cove instead of a strip club named "Chubby's".    The Packers defensive back apparently dodged the legal bullet after two strippers claimed that he sexually assaulted them at a Lake Delton condo over the weekend.     Underwood is the second Green Bay player to have a brush with the law lately, with Johnny Jolly facing trial next month on drug charges.    The Journal/Sentinel's Greg Beddard told us that Underwood's teammates weren't surprised when he got linked to the Lake Delton story, admitting that he'd had disciplinary issues in the past.    All you need is one player in trouble to bring a team's "character scrutiny" department into ill-repute.   


--I don't know what to think of the New Berlin "workforce" apartment complex, but I can tell you this much: never write anything down that you don't want others to see, Mayor Jack Chiavatero.     His private e-mail to a project supporter went public and turned out being a huge embarrassment.     You can't commit anything to a keyboard these days without worrying about who will see it.     That said, what Chiavetero did isn't a recall-able offense.     The reflexive recall urge is tiresome--it's an option left for malfeasance and criminal wrongdoing, not for occasions like this.    Don't like the apartments?    Don't care to be called bigoted?     That's what regularly scheduled election days are for.     Until then, vent at public hearings.     Seems that's already taken a lot of the steam out of the project.    Voices can do the trick for now.   Heads can roll later.

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