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The Cold Filtered Ramblings of Gene Mueller

Victim Of Rampant Sexism, Or A Future Miss December?

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       Happens to me all the time.   

       Co-workers say my good looks are an endless distraction.

       Bosses tell me to dress a little less provocatively.

       And then, monkeys fly out of my butt.

       From the New York Post comes the tale of Debrahlee Lorenzana who says she got canned at Citibank for being, well, just too damn sexy for her clothes.       




     I'm guessing this isn't the picture she used on her Citibank employee ID card.      You can see her in various stages of attire on the Post link above.    Or, look below.




     Part of me wants to think that this truly is the case of a woman aggrieved, seeking her just legal rewards for being sexually harassed.   That's what the courts are for.    The cynic in me thinks it's a publicity grab by someone who is using manufactured outrage to become a victim and then, as so often happens in pop culture, a star: the next Kardashian, famous for being gorgeous and little else.     Remember the last line of the TV report above, which mentions something about "diciplinary" issues.    Hmm.   Wonder what that's all about.      Big banks did a lot of stupid things in the past decade or so--do you really think Citibank would be so transparently sexist?

     No matter what, something tells me this lady's future includes not just a court date but a tri-fold picture with a staple in her navel.



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