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The Cold Filtered Ramblings of Gene Mueller

Quite An Appetite for Candy Talk

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          Religion...politics...and Candy Raisins.


         These are today's hot-button subjects.


         Recent blogs about the effort to save the raisin and candies from days gone by prompted all manner of e-mail.      Here's a sampling:

         Sherry says, "Never had the raisin candy but NECCO also makes those wafers (thin multi-colored disks) that in my opinion are also an acquired taste -- Yuk!    Went to their website and found a candy they make called "Squirrel Nut Zippers" -- isn't there a rock group by that name?"

        Right on both counts, ma'am--we present the candy...




           ...and the band:





            Then there's Amy who says, "I can proudly say that I ate whole boxes of candy cigarettes and LOVED them! When I was a kid, my Grandma owned the grocery store (yes "the" grocery store) in Sullivan, WI, where the weather center is now located. When we drove from Milwaukee to visit her every other Sunday, we always got to pick a treat before the car ride home, and I always took candy cigarettes and I always ate the entire box. I've gone to the nostalic candy websites and ordered boxes, but they don't taste anything like the ones I could get then.

AND I'm also a huge candy raisin fan. The corner candy store used to sell a little brown paper bag full for 10 cents and that's pretty much what I would buy every time I went in there. I went to Goldman's during their last days and bought a bunch for old times' sake, they were always freshest there, and cheapest.

I've signed the petition, and emailed the link to all my family and friends who also love the little things. I'd miss them like crazy if they stop making them. My kids give them to me for Mothers Day and my birthday, and my husband gives them to me the way most husbands give their wives candy. I plan to make a trip to Half Nuts on 98th & Greenfield over the weekend and buy about 10 pounds. My brother is going to freeze a bag to see if that works "just in case".....

I gave up sweets for Lent, so I just might eat about 2#'s on Easter Sunday. ; )"

       No need to wait until the weekend, Amy, as Archbishop Timothy Dolan told us today on Wisconsin's Morning News that Lenten fasting ends with the conclusion of Holy Thursday mass--admitting to us Wednesday morning that he's already got his beer chillin'.  


        Let's keep the candy chatter going.       "Charleston Chews" don't do it for me.     Send me your sweet tooth memory at



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