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The Cold Filtered Ramblings of Gene Mueller

As Promised: JFK Time Capsule Opened

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        A safe in the Dallas, Texas District Attorney's office that apparently remained locked up for decades has now been opened, spilling forth what amounts to a 1960's time capsule.


       An old safe in a long-gone official's office in a far-away state really wouldn't be of much interest to the rest of the country, except for the fact that this was Dallas, circa 1963 when a routine visit by President Kennedy turned into one of the great crimes of the 20th Century.


       As blogged here previously, the most interesting find is what looks to be part of what looks to be a manuscript from a movie that was never made--one that included a scene in which Jack Ruby plotted Kennedy's assassination with Lee Harvey Oswald a month and a half before the killing.       It includes a date--October 4th, 1963--during which time investigators say Oswald's whereabouts can be accounted for.     His itinerary that day did NOT include a stop at the nightclub where the meeting supposedly occurred.       If the Warren Commission and other investigators didn't do their job in proving Oswald's guilt in the JFK assassination to skeptics, they've done a wonderful job of detailing Oswald's life including the fact that he was a loner who, when he wasn't working, was always either at his rooming house or visiting his wife/kids who stayed with friends in the Dallas suburbs.    And, no one other than Oliver Stone and a badly mistaken "witness" claims to have ever seen Oswald with Ruby before the events of that November weekend.       Their first and only meeting was when Ruby introduced himself not with a handshake, but a pistol blast into Oswald's midsection as he was being transferred to the Dallas County Jail two days after the Kennedy slaying.


       There are other items, including sets of Ruby's brass knuckles (the killer of Oswald not only owned two Dallas strip joints, but also served as his own bouncer/enforcer), and clothing from both Ruby and Oswald.         And, there's correspondence of all kinds between then-District Attorney Henry Wade and other Texas government officials--one piece which is particularly telling of the times in which the JFK drama played out.       There is a letter to Wade from a neighboring county, one which speaks of having "the blackest earth--and the whitest people."     


       Times, fortunately, have changed.


       Here's the Dallas Morning News story on today's news conference with more backround on the safe and detail on it's contents.    And, here's another link that'll give those new to the Kennedy assassination details on how the murder played out, and how it was covered by the Dallas media.      Fascinating stuff, if you're a freak on this subject the way I am.

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