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The Cold Filtered Ramblings of Gene Mueller

When Will Your Shows Be Back With New Episodes?

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         The answer is right here, courtesy of the Los Angeles Times.





         As ABC's David Blaustein told us Monday on Wisconsin's Morning News, it would seem his network is in fine shape with shows like "Lost" packing plenty of fresh episodes.    "Desperate Housewives" and "Grey's Anatomy" will be back in the spring, along with "Ugly Betty" and "Brothers and Sisters" which are huge with the estrogen set.


         NBC brings back hits such as "The Office", "30 Rock", and the "Law and Order" franchise.    CBS brings back a bunch of stuff including "Two and a Half Men", "Cold Case", "Without a Trace" and it's various mutations of "CSI".      Fox appears to be the question mark, with the returns of "House" and "Prison Break" in limbo and "24" off the schedule until next season.     It still has "Bones" and the promising "Back to You" returning in the spring, and "Idol" chugging away until May.


         On cable, HBO will get "Entourage" fans a fresh fix by either late this year or early next.    Same with "Flight of the Conchords" and "Big Love".    Showtime has yet to say what will come of "Dexter" and my new favorite, "Californication".  





           FX brings "Dirt" back this spring (my favorite guilty pleasure) but "Rescue Me" devotees have to wait until late this year or early next to find out what's going to happen to America's favorite smokeater, the NYFD's Tommy Gavin. 




    Better news for "The Shield"--the Times says it's strike proof with the final season in the can, awaiting editing.     New shoes come this summer.


         My wife was all geeked this weekend when my boy read on his laptop about the pending end of the writer's strike--but she couldn't quite get her arms around the fact that shows won't return with the mere flick of the remote.      Actors and crews went their separate ways during the job action, and nothing obviously got written while the union was away from the keyboards.       Everything that's already been written has already been shot and aired, so the cupboard is bare.      Bottom line: keep that Netflix pipeline open, or get ready for more of the History Channel's "Modern Marvels" marathons.



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