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The Cold Filtered Ramblings of Gene Mueller

A Viewer's Guide To Big Fat Super Tuesday

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        Face it, you won't have much else to do tonight--except maybe shovel.


       Think about spending this cold, snowy Wisconsin night curled up in front of a fire with Keith Olberman, Wolf Blitzer or Sheppard Smith on the tube.

       History is being made as you read this, with the nation holding what amounts to the closest thing yet to a national presidential primary.     Two dozen or so states vote, convene or caucus before Tuesday becomes Wednesday.        Many have pushed for just this sort of thing as an alternative to the state-by-state primary election slog we're endured in the past, but that's an argument for a wonkier person's blog.


        For me, it's fascinating to watch as a seriously old, seriously female, seriously African-American and seriously Mormon candidate have it out for their party's nominations.     Then, there's the seriously-Baptist-minister who's lurking on the GOP side, refusing to stand down.        Even though we've had all manner of elections and caucuses since December became January, it's all up for grabs--and could be well into the summer.      Wisconsin's primary, which looked to be a moot point, now looms large (at least for the Democrats who probably won't have a nominee in place by February 19th).


         Please don't consider this an endorsement of a particular brand, but MSNBC offers up this hour-by-hour breakdown of who is closing when and how the tea leaves should be read as the votes are being counted.       It should be great drama for those of you dying for something entertaining in prime time as the writer's strike grinds on.


        It's either this, the snow shovel, or "Idol".




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