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The Cold Filtered Ramblings of Gene Mueller

Be Careful What You Wish For

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          Where there were once none....there will soon be three.


          We're talking southwest side Sendik's locations--something I've blogged about a lot lately since I was one of many folks who live in that part of Milwaukee County wondering why all the high-end grocers were avoiding our neck of the woods.     Now comes word that we'll have three opening within a year: one is already in business at 51st and Rawson, with another under construction at Highway 100 and Drexel.       The third is going in along Layton Avenue just west of South 76th Street, meaning we'll have three Sendik's spaced three and a half to four miles apart.        I don't know if the southwest side can eat all that Brie, but what the hell?     That's how the free market works.


          There are other locales that feel slighted, too including this e-mailer who writes:


"Live a stone's skip north of Slinger.  I'd love to take one of those Sendiks off your hands.  Starbucks too for that matter.  Hartford has a Walgreens -- whoop de doo.   Heck I'd love a little of Target's cheap chic. 
Actually I like my quiet little burb just the way it is.  I've seen Germantown change from quiet country to shopping extravaganza -- no thanks.  Change is coming this way too -- more and more building of subdivisions, where farms used to be.  Enormous homes with no trees, and probably not much furniture.  Lets hope they can afford them for the long term. 
I really am starting to sound OLD.
Pass me a Mocha Frapaccino please.
       It IS amazing how areas suddenly sprout once the first olive comes out of the jar.     Remember when Blue Mound Road used to be just a quiet ride through Waukesha County?      Now, it's the Vegas Strip with worse traffic.
       And, as I beef about the stagnancy of Southridge, I should remember what's happening at places like Mayfair where parking can be a bit daunting this time of year, thanks in part to the fact that a lot of spaces got chewed up via all of the out-lot construction.       The Cheesecake Factory not only brought in more people--it ate up a ton of parking.    
       The market will ultimately decide how many Sendik's can make it on the southwest side--hell, Brookfield is doing a nice job with it's gaggle of trendy grocers.       And, if one of them falters, they can always count on Sherry and others in Slinger to give 'em a boost.

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