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The Cold Filtered Ramblings of Gene Mueller

Who Do They Think They Are...Walgreens?

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     We've gone from a drought to a tsunami.


      It was just a few weeks ago in this very blog that I hailed the construction of not one, but two brand new Sendik's grocery stores in the southwest Milwaukee County suburbs.     One is already open at 51st and Rawson, with the other to open sometime next year at Highway 100 and Drexel.        For those of you who don't want to crack open your Google Earth, that's about three and a half miles apart.


       Now comes word that there'll be a third Sendik's, this one going into a former Jewel Store on Layton Avenue just west of South 76th Street.    That, by my measure, is about four and a half miles away from the other two.       They're literally sprouting up like Walgreens and Starbucks.


       For years, I bemoaned the fact that our side of town was being ignored by the area's high-end grocers--Sendik's, Grasch's and V. Richards flourished on the east side, north shore and in the Brookfield area but they avoided the Franklin/Hales Corners/Greenfield/Greendale area as if these suburbs were built on radioactive limestone.       Now, we're about to get our third, which begs the question: can the area support them all?


       That is a question I thought I'd never have to ask.


       And, I'm still waiting to see what, if anything, is going to happen to Southridge.     The mall is the area's largest yet it seems to have lost pace with Mayfair and Brookfield Square, not to mention the freshly redone Bayshore.       While those three remodeled, added stores and started building on their out-lots, Southridge remains...the same.      The south end of the mall looks like a no-man's land, with the lettering from a long-gone tenant still visible on the facade.      The property changed hands at least once in recent years, if not more.      I'm sure it's doing fine, but it seems to me as though Southridge is getting lost in the shuffle.    I know lots of people in the southwest 'burbs who drive to Mayfair, Bayshore and Brookfield Square to do their shopping, but I can't remember the last time I talked to someone from Mequon or Tosa coming to Greendale to burn a day at Southridge.


         Then again, maybe they'll be heading our way to hit up one of our Sendik's stores.

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