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The Cold Filtered Ramblings of Gene Mueller

44 Years...And One More Movie

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        "Oswald's Ghost" still haunts us--four and a half decades after the killing of JFK.

        There are many who still believe Oswald had help that day and still others who think he's a patsy--that he never fired a shot.     Then there are those of us who think that he and he alone pulled the trigger and, in the course of about eight seconds, altered a generation.

         And tonight (Monday) the assassin reappears at the very place where he spent his final moments as a free man--a new PBS documentary premieres at the Texas Theatre in Dallas, the building where police took Lee Harvey Oswald into custody the afternoon of November 22nd.       He would spend the rest of his tortured life in custody, being questioned without legal representation and paraded in front of the world press to prove that he wasn't being mistreated in by authorities.     It was Police Chief Jesse Curry's fascination with that final point that led to his decision to transfer Oswald from Dallas City Hall to the County Jail in full view of reporters.    It was that now famous perp-walk that made Oswald's midsection an intoxicating target for Jack Ruby who literally stumbled upon the scene after sending money to one of his nightclub stripper.    So ended the suspect's life--and thus began the conspiracy industry.



          Find out more at the official website.

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